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Zhatva (a Russian word for harvest), is a Christian website intended to help grasp and understand the full message of our Lord Jesus Christ the One we love and serve.

Today, as never before, there are many preachers who flawlessly preach the Bible and have superb talent for public speaking, but not many of them focus on the purity of a Christian according to the Bible, the Word of God.

On this website you will find free of charge books, audio, and video sermons in Russian language presented by Vasiliy Savich - a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ. Born in the former Soviet Union and today living in United States, he continues to convey the Evangelical message, calling people to repent their sins and live upright lives before God.

Dear readers, please allow the Lord to bless you through these sermons and "direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ" - Thessalonians 3:5.


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Christian Fellowship Church - India

We would like to let you know about Zac Poonen's ministry. In the way that we experience the Holy Spirit working in our church, we also experience the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Zac Poonen. Please visit the CFC website, where you will find full-gospel Christian messages.

Zac Poonen

"We first met together as a few families in August 1975. Since then, God has blessed us immensely - and thus placed us in debt to the whole world. Since we have received everything freely from the Lord, we offer everything on this site freely to you as well. May the Lord bless you as you browse our site. We would be glad to hear from you."


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